International Student and
Scholar Affairs (ISSA)

International Student/Scholar Community

This academic year, Luther Seminary welcomes 53 international students in a variety of programs from 23 different countries. Several church denominations are represented. Most of these students live on the campus and a few study from afar.Welcome Tea 2014

The Office of International Student and Scholar Affairs (ISSA) walks with students through all aspects of their studies here, as well as upholding federal regulations.


The Director of International Student and Scholar Affairs, Marie Y. Hayes, is the primary source of information and decision making. Chenar Howard serves as the Assistant Director, splitting her time between ISSA and the Global Mission Institute.

The ISSA office is committed to:

  • Identifying and walking with individuals for leadership development within the global church.
  • Providing advice on US federal regulations.
  • Monitoring and managing the Student and Exchange Visitor System (SEVIS).
  • Allocating and arranging for financial support and scholarship.
  • Providing  housing, health, and academic assistance or encouragement.
  • Ensuring the implementation of official policy issues about international student and scholar concerns.
  • Overseeing all support, services, and relevant programs for international students and scholars.

Read brief biographies about some of Luther's international students/scholars.

For information on applying to Luther Seminary, please go to Admissions.

Academic Year 2014-15 Statistics:

Our international students this year come from the following countries:

Argentina, Cameroon, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Namibia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Slovakia, South Korea, Tanzania, the U.K., and Zimbabwe.

 The breakdown of their degree studies is as follows:

Master of Arts: 19

Master of Divinity: 2

Master of Theology: 7

Doctor of Ministry: 4

Doctor of Philosophy: 16

Non-Degree/Exchange/Other: 5

Our international students are just some of the students who make up Luther Seminary's ecumenical student body. Interested in being a part of this community?  Apply online now!

ISSA Staff

FAX: (+1) 651.641.3274
Marie Y. Hayes,
(+1) 651.641.3469
Northwestern Hall 110C
Chenar E. E. Howard,
Assistant Director
(+1) 651.641.3595
Northwestern Hall 110B