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Fretheim Lecture

Walter BrueggemannDr. Walter Brueggemann

Professor Emeritus of Old Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary

Sept. 22, 2014

7 p.m.

"Why the Old Testament Must not Go Away" - Watch lecture

This presentation considered efforts in the church to deny the Old Testament and explore what is at stake in it for the church. Brueggemann will propose that its cruciality is found in the God who inhabits the text, a God who, in contrast, keeps the future open, engages in dialogic freedom, and subverts unbearable presents. The denial (or engagement with) the Old Testament is never a disinterested matter, but is always a matter that concerns material interests as well as well as intellectual probity.

Sept. 23

9:15 a.m.

"Preaching the Old Testament," Walter Brueggemann - Watch lecture

This lecture invited pastors and church leaders to reflect on the theological and homiletical richness of the Old Testament.

11 a.m.

Chapel, Terry Fretheim preaching - Watch sermon

11:30 a.m.

A conversation between Walter Brueggemann and Terry Fretheim - Watch conversation

All events were held in the Olson Campus Center, 1490 Fulham St., St. Paul, Minn.