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Donate Books

For more than 20 years, the Lutheran International Library Assistance Project (LILAP), received donations of theological books and distributed them to Christian institutions of higher education around the world. The LILAP program ceased operation in 2013.

The Luther Seminary Library continues to receive donations of theological books as detailed below. Due to limited storage space, proposed gifts of new or used materials are subject to acceptance by library staff. If you are considering a donation of print materials please first contact Mary Ann Teske to arrange your delivery.

While appropriate materials will be added to the Luther Seminary Library's collection, the library's main purpose in receiving donated books is to support the work of the Theological Book Network. Their mission is to provide top-notch academic titles in theology, religion and other disciplines requested by international partners and libraries. If you have any questions or represent a library needing donations, please contact them via email at:

The following guide lists some of the categories and books most frequently needed by emerging seminaries around the world:

  • Biblical Studies including commentaries, secondary studies, and linguistic tools
  • Theology (including French language)
  • Church History
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy
  • Missiology/Cross-Cultural Studies
  • Reference material: ONLY Encyclopedias of Theology and Religion
  • Pastoral counseling (with a theological emphasis)

Please note: we normally are unable to accept Bibles or Hymnals; please contact Mary Ann Teske with questions.

LILAP: Lutheran International Library Assistance Project

Book donation

For more than 20 years, the Lutheran International Library Assistance Project (LILAP), an auxiliary service program of the Luther Seminary Library and the Global Mission Institute, supplied Christian institutions of higher education around the world with good quality theological books for their libraries. Enabling the redistribution of these vital educational resources globally from a place of surplus to places of scarcity is important and rewarding work. LILAP received many expressions of thanks from recipient institutions around the world as well as from donors who have had the satisfaction of knowing that their books will remain in service. LILAP officially ended in spring 2013, but its mission continues as noted above.

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