The M.Div. DL Course Plan Model 

Students in the M.Div. DL program take a combination of online and on-campus intensive courses on a part-time basis during the first four years.

First Year

Term Course Num. Course Title Format Credits
Fall LG 1200 Greek (prerequisite) Online 1.5
J-Term EL 1515 Education I Intensive 0.5
J-Term PR 1510 Telling the Story Intensive 0.5
Spring NT 1210-1213 Synoptic Gospels (Greek Language) Online 1.0
Spring ST 1415 Creation and the Triune God Online 1.0
Summer HC 1315 Early/Medieval Church History Intensive 1.0
Summer CM 2410 Mission I Intensive 0.5
Second Year       
Fall Elective Elective Online 1.0
Fall OT 1110 Pentateuch Online 1.0
Fall FE 4021 Teaching Congregations
J-Term MU 1510-1530 Music and Hymnody Intensive 0.5
J-Term IC 1615 Reading the Audiences (Part 1) Intensive 0.5
Spring IC 1615 Reading the Audiences (Part 2) Online 0.5
Spring LG 1100 Hebrew Online 1.5
Spring FE 4022 Teaching Congregations
Summer ST 2420 Ethics I Intensive 0.5
Summer PC 2525 Foundations of Pastoral Care Intensive 1.0
Third Year      
Fall FE 4000 Clinical Pastoral Education   0.0
Fall FE 4021 Teaching Congregations   0.0
J-Term CM 3410-3413 Mission II Intensive 0.5
J-Term ST 2415 Jesus the Savior & the Triune God Intensive 1.0
Spring PR 2510 Foundations of Preaching Online 1.0
Spring OT 2110-2120 Prophets Online 1.0
Spring FE 4022 Teaching Congregations   0.0
Summer IC 2610 Worship Intensive 1.0
Fourth Year      
Fall IC 2620 Lutheran Confessional Writings Online 1.0
Fall EL 3515-3594 Education II Online 0.5
Fall ST 3420-3494 Ethics II Online 0.5
J-Term CC 1610-1694 Cross Cultural Studies Intensive 0.5
J-Term   Dismantling Racism Workshop   0.0
Spring HC 1320 Reform of the Church Online 1.0
Spring IC 2630-2694 Interpreting and Confessing Online 1.0
Summer NT 2210-2219 Pauline Tradition (Greek Language) Intensive 1.0

Internship Options

Students who need an internship to meet candidacy requirements have various options for completing the M.Div. degree. The Contextual Learning team, in consultation with the M.Div. DL student and his/her synod of candidacy, will determine the best fit for internship. Most students either complete a concurrent internship (a part-time internship over two years while also taking classes) or a full-time one year internship starting in year five.

Coursework to be completed in the fifth and sixth years

Fifth Year Courses      
Fall Elective Elective Online 1.0
J-Term NT 3210-3211 Johannine Literature Intensive 0.5
J-Term OT 3110-3116 Psalms/Wisdom Literature Intensive 0.5
Spring Elective Elective Online 1.0
Summer PR 3530 Preaching and Worship Intensive 1.0
Summer PC 3511-3594 Pastoral Care Intensive 0.5
Sixth Year Courses      
Fall ST 3415 Holy Spirit/Church/Triune God Online 1.0
Fall Elective Elective Online 1.0
J-Term IC 3610 Exercises in Biblical Theology Intensive 1.0
Spring Elective Elective Online 0.5
Spring HC 3310 Modern Church-Europe/America Online 1.0
Total number of residential credits required 10 Credits
Total credits for the M.Div.   30 credits (plus 1.5 with Greek) 


Non-credit requirements

  • Teaching Congregations (TC) - 4 semesters
  • Clinical Pastoral Experience (CPE) - 1 unit
  • Internship - 1 full-time year or 2 part-time years
  • Dismantling Racism Workshop