General Information

The M.Div. DL enables you to ...

  • Follow God's call to serve the church and the world.
  • Engage rigorous theological inquiry.
  • Deepen your appreciation of the Bible as a dynamic, living, transformational word.
  • Commit to a community of fellow learners who will help you challenge, enrich, and embrace your faith.
  • Integrate theological study and the practice of ministry in the context of your local congregation.
  • Learn from a mentor pastor who encourages ongoing formation of pastoral identity and imagination.

A good fit for you?

Is the M.Div. DL program a good fit for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself as you consider applying to this program. Are you:

  •     Committed to learning within the community of a cohort?
  •     Eager to immediately apply your learning in a congregational context?
  •     Interested in a part-time, flexible course schedule?
  •     Available to travel to St. Paul for two-week periods of intensive study in January and June?
  •     Willing to move, if necessary, for internship and/or a first call?
  •     Open to receiving a call from the whole church?


student smilingThough students in the M.Div. DL program study part-time, the coursework is still demanding. We invite you to use the following formula to determine the time commitment necessary for each semester.

  • 10-15 hours/course/week X 2 courses = 20-30 hours/week
  • 3-5 hours/week in a contextual site = 3-5 hours/week
  • Total = 23-35 hours/week

As you consider your compatibility with distributed learning, plan for the changes you would need to make in your life to accommodate graduate studies.


The M.Div. DL tuition costs are identical to the residential M.Div. costs (view the proposed budget in the right column). In addition to tuition, please factor in costs related to travel, room and food for the two intensives each year.


DL Trustee Scholarship now available for new M.Div. DL students! 

  • Students with 3.5 GPA and higher will be awarded a DL TRUSTEE scholarship upon admission.
  • Scholarship dollars will be disbursed on a per course taken basis. Students will receive $500 per 1.0 course ($250 per half course), with no minimum course requirement per term; six full courses is the maximum per academic year. 
  • Scholarships will be automatically granted for up to six years. 

New M.Div. DL students who do not meet the above criteria and current M.Div. DL students may be considered for the Need Based Grant. For this grant, students must take at least 2.0 courses per semester.

All M.Div. DL students who take at least 1.5 courses per semester also have limited federal student loan eligibility.