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The Rev. Dr. Loren Halvorson Memory Book

The Rev. Dr. Loren Halvorson, long-time professor and friend of Luther Seminary, died February 16, 2010.  Dr. Halvorson was a 1953 graduate of Luther Theological Seminary. He worked in Europe settling refugees following the Second World War, later leading Faith and Life community conversations advocating for justice and reconciliation during the 1960's. Dr. Halvorson came to Luther Seminary as a professor in 1959 and taught here until 1992. With his wife Ruth, he co-founded the ARC Retreat Community.

Professor Halvorson was a man of great vision, peace and commitment to the community. He foresaw the need of pastors to one day be "worker/priests", both in partnership with all humankind, and in affinity for those who practiced their lives, faith and vocations in one humble movement. I will never forget the grace and empowerment of this beloved teacher and brother in Christ.
Gary Koutsopoulos
Prineville, Oregon
student and pastor
Dear God, thank you for Loren's life. Loren and Ruth have given much, may we learn from them.   Trinity Lutheran in Hovland was graced to have had Loren's handiwork and interest over the years, and we are thankful.     As Loren is greeted in his new life, may Ruth and all their friends and family be comforted.
Pastor Kris Garey, Trinity Lutheran, Hovland MN
Rev. Kristin Garey
Trinity Lutheran, Hovland MN
grateful acquaintance
Loren once described his own professorial mission at the seminary in military terms -- as being a "forward observer", as one who "relays intelligence from the front lines", all as part of Christ's ongoing mission to "overcome the world" [John 16:33b].  For me, as a Christian and a pastor, Loren's vision was compelling, and became part of the thrust of my own life and ministry.  Furthermore, Loren and Ruth gave us all such courageous examples, by "putting their money where their mouths were" by stepping out on faith to form the ARC Retreat Community.  Loren once described that effort in military terms as well.  He said the ARC community is like an Airborne regiment, dropped into the middle of this world's armed spiritual conflicts.  And truly ARC was and is a place of spiritual peace, compassion, healing, respite, and more.  ARC engages in "spiritual warfare" in the very best and truest sense of that term.  And thankfully so unlike the radical, fundamentalist views so prevelant today!  Thank you, Loren, thank you Ruth.  Thank you, God, for entwining our paths!  Perhaps the "room" or "mansion" prepared for Loren by Christ himself [John 14:2]will be made of mellow-gold, hewn logs from the Pacific northwest, and set with great big windows to look out upon God's good Creation ... at long last restored.
Rev. John M. Riggle
Sioux Center, Iowa

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