DL Dispatch - December 2010


Distributed Learning programs: Growing with grace and promise

The Distributed Learning programs, for students pursuing Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Children, Youth and Family degrees at Luther Seminary are well established and growing. They're just the right fit for many students and for the church. From the perspective of the seminary, these programs have become stable, familiar and integral components of what we do. They have grown with grace and promise.

Candidacy committees of synods across the country have endorsed the M.Div. DL program for the education of those students for whom it fits. The program started during the 2007-2008 academic year, and we expect that the persons in that pioneering cohort will be fully equipped both academically and in terms of candidacy by May 2012. Currently, we welcome our fourth cohort, revealing that the DL program continues to find favor with students and synodical leaders.

The CYF DL program began about five years ago. A highly successful program, it works particularly well for those already working in part-time or even full-time positions in congregational ministries.

Both programs call for an immersion in ministry settings. They also make maximum use of online courses, intensives on the Luther Seminary campus and mutual support among those involved. Communities of shared learning and friendship have developed beyond our expectations.

Since the DL programs are still relatively new, some might think they are still in their infancy and in need of further development. But the word should get out: The DL programs at Luther have grown with grace and promise—for students and the church!

Inquiries for the M.Div. DL program should be sent to Joy Aarsvold (jaarsvold001@luthersem.edu). Those for the CYF DL program should be sent to Nancy Going (ngoing001@luthersem.edu).

Please contact us if you or someone you know may benefit from the unique style of learning DL programs at Luther Seminary provide.

Dr. Arland J. Hultgren
Associate Dean for First Degrees