DL Dispatch - December 2010


M.Div. Distributed Learning Student Profile: Is the M.Div. DL program a good fit for you?

A conversation for candidacy committees and candidates


You will spend time:

  • Connecting coursework in a real congregational context
  • Learning from the wisdom of a mentor pastor through intentional, reflective conversation at least twice a month
  • Sharing your learning discoveries with fellow cohort members

While in this program, you will:

  • Share your insight and learning with cohort members across the country through an online forum and during on-campus intensives
  • Utilize technical skills and capabilities in order to complete online coursework
  • Dedicate at least 20 hours per week to coursework, plus three to five hours in a congregational setting
  • Need strong writing skills
  • Need support from family and friends as you integrate your call to ministry with the new demands on your time


Are you:

  • Excited to start seminary in the near future, but moving now isn't possible?
  • Eager to take courses at the speed which works for your schedule?
  • Able to spend time on campus for two week periods of intensive study each January and June?

You may:

  • Be able to maintain current employment until internship  
  • Transfer credits to the M.Div. DL program


How will you:

  • Assess your spiritual, emotional and physical health? 
  • Responsibly handle the costs of seminary? (Tuition, books, plus cost of travel for intensives)
  • Demonstrate servant leadership, humility and resilience?
  • Collaborate with others? 
  • Listen to other individuals in your cohort and context? 


Will you:

  • Work with your Candidacy Committee to determine a suitable contextual education site?
  • Consider moving for internship if recommended by the candidacy committee?
  • Be open to receiving a call from the whole church? That is, will you be reasonably mobile to fill the ministry needs of the church?