DL Dispatch - December 2010


Group experience essential for DL students

A recent survey of current DL students found that if given the opportunity to be a residential student, most would continue down the DL path. And it's their relationships with both the cohort group and the church setting that have reinforced that decision.

"While the thought of being a full-time, residential student seems appealing, I would miss the fact that through the DL program, I am learning while being immersed in a church setting," said one student. "I know that has enhanced my education tremendously."

Conducted by Luther Seminary's Office of Admissions, the survey was sent to 62 enrolled students, 37 of whom responded. Of those surveyed, 97 percent said they enjoy the combination of online and in-class learning.

"I think the hybrid of online and intensives is critical," said one responder. "It would be difficult to sustain the online learning without opportunities to (a) dedicate time and space on campus in intensives and (b) get to know both my classmates and professors face to face and experience campus life, even for short periods."

Some students were surprised at how effective online learning can be.

"The surprise to me has been how online learning, as designed by Luther, creates a very strong sense of community," one student noted. "I have a quieter learning style. When given the time to ponder, I have a solid and valued contribution to coursework. It has boosted my confidence as a contributor. When learning styles are, in effect, leveled by the format, I have plenty of wisdom and insight to share."