DL Dispatch - December 2010

Distributed Learning programs: Growing with grace and promise

The Distributed Learning programs, for students pursuing Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Children, Youth and Family degrees at Luther Seminary are well established and growing. They're just the right fit for many students and for the church.

M.Div. Distributed Learning Student Profile: Is the M.Div. DL program a good fit for you?

A conversation for candidacy committees and candidates

Group experience essential for DL students

A recent survey of current DL students found that if given the opportunity to be a residential student, most would continue down the DL path. And it's their relationships with both the cohort group and the church setting that have reinforced that decision.

What to expect from your teaching congregation

Most often, M.Div. DL students already anchored in a healthy worshiping community will stay with their congregation, and a pastor of the congregation will serve as their mentor pastor. Students in need of a teaching congregation site will consult with their synod of candidacy and with the seminary.