Amy Marga

Amy Marga
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
Location or Institution:
Luther Seminary

Amy E. Marga is an associate professor of systematic theology at Luther Seminary. She is the translator of Karl Barth's The Word of God and Theology [Bruce McCormack, editor] (T & T Clark, 2011). Her book Karl Barth's Dialogue with Catholicism in Göttingen and Münster was published by Mohr Siebeck in 2010. Other publications include "Jesus Christ and the Modern Sinner: Karl Barth's Retrieval of Luther's Substantive Christology," in Currents in Theology and Mission (August 2007) and "Karl Barth's Second Dogmatic Cycle, Münster 1926-1928: A Progress Report," in: Zeitschrift für dialektische Theologie, (2005).

Marga is a member of the American Academy of Religion, the North American Karl Barth Society and the German-American Institute.