FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

I can see that I have a hold; now what do I do?

If a student has a hold, the student's portlet on MyLutherNet will show it.  Most holds will be Accounts Receivable holds so students should either pay in full online through their MyLutherNet account (and wait 24 hours to register) or they should contact the Business Office. If the account is not cleared/paid in full, then arrangements must be made with the Business Office and they will issue the student an override to register.  This will allow the Office of the Registrar to register the student MANUALLY, in office.  The student will not be able to register themselves online if their account has not been paid in full.  Students with Greek holds must register MANUALLY in the office as well after a petition has been filed with the Registrar.  Petition forms can be found in MyLutherNet under Registration/Forms. Library holds must be cleared in the library before registering and Candidacy holds must be cleared through the Student Resource Center.

I need to register for an independent study - how do I do that?

Students may download the independent study form from MyLutherNet under Registration/Forms or may pick up a form from the kiosk outside the Registrar's Office.  Please fill it out, have it signed by the professor and bring it back to the Registrar's Office.  All independent studies are registered MANUALLY by Registrar's Office staff.

What do I do if a course is full? Does Luther Seminary do waitlisting?

No, Luther Seminary does not do a formal or computerized waitlist.  If the course is full, the student is encouraged to check the course schedules for the current or future terms to see when else the course might be available.  If the student absolutely needs the course this term, they may contact the instructor for signed permission (on an add/drop slip) or email permission.  This permission needs to be returned to the Registrar's Office as soon as possible.  The course will then be registered for the student MANUALLY by Registrar's Office staff.

What do I do if I think I've met the pre-requisite for a course but the computer doesn't let me register?

Please email the Office of the Registrar (registrar@luthersem.edu) to explain your situation.  We will offer assistance at that time.  Once we can verify that the pre-requisite has been met, we will likely have to register the course for the student MANUALLY in our office.

When do we register?

See the table on the Registrar web page with key dates on MyLutherNet

What courses do I register for?

First and foremost, the academic catalog is your guide for registering for the appropriate courses (www.luthersem.edu/catalog). It lists the requirements for your degree program and concentration.

Beginning M.Div. students should take GREEK (LG0220) and Signature Courses as soon as possible.  Maximum load is 5.0 courses per fall/spring semester.  Minimum FULL TIME load is 3.0 courses.  Suggested load is 4.5 courses.  The Registrar's Office and the Student Resource Center are available to assist you with specific questions you may have.

Beginning M.A. students should take Signature courses first.  Maximum load is 5.0 courses.  Minimum FULL TIME load is 3.0 courses.  Suggested load is 4.0 courses.  The Registrar's Office and the Student Resource Center are available to assist you with specific questions you may have.

What do I do if I have transfer work from another school I would like evaluated?

The Registrar must evaluate course work and get back to the student, preferably before they register.  Please send a transcript from the other school to: Registrar - Luther Seminary; 2481 Como Avenue; St. Paul, MN  55108  Please be aware that this evaluation can be time intensive; please allow time before registering to get this completed.

What if I have trouble trying to register? I can't log in or don't have a password.

Please contact the helpdesk@luthersem.edu if you are having trouble with your ID#, password and log in for MyLutherNet.

Where can I get additional assistance from?

The catalog is online at www.luthersem.edu/catalog
Also, view the registrar's office website for updated general information, www.luthersem.edu/registrar  or check MyLutherNet on the Academics, Registration or My Degree tabs
Office of the Registrar email address:  registrar@luthersem.edu

Why can't I register online once I've signed into MyLutherNet?

If you've signed in and there are no ADD BOXES by the courses in course search, there are two possible explanations.  The first is that the student is not eligible to register - it is not their time to register.  If it is not your time, you need to check the Registrar's website for the online registration times.  (Please be sure you have signed in AFTER 7:45am.)  The second explanation is that the student likely has a hold on their record - Accounts Receivable holds will not allow students to register online.  Students must contact the Business Office, get an override to register (if not paying off their account) and take the override slip and add/drop registration form to the Office of the Registrar to have the staff manually register them for their courses.

Can I pay for transcripts with a credit card?

Transcripts can be paid for by check (made out to Luther Seminary) or with cash.  Transcripts are $10 per copy.  If absolutely necessary, please contact the Business Office to make other arrangements.