Glossary of Commonly Used Terms at Luther

ADD/DROP SLIPS - Required to enter a closed class, audit a class, get registered manually by the staff in the Registrar's Office or add/drop after designated deadlines in a term. See specific dates in academic calendar. Forms require the instructor's signature. Available in the stand outside the Office of the Registrar or on MyLutherNet (Registration tab - Forms). Also used to register for AUDITS; professor must sign and the audit box must be checked.

CATALOG - The all-important ANSWER book produced every year. The catalog contains your graduation requirements, the academic calendar, deadlines for add/drops, grade due dates, policies and procedures, etc. Consult often.

CLASS STATUS - M.Div.: Junior (JR), Middler (MI), Intern (IN) and Senior (SR). MA: Junior (JR), Senior (SR). M.S.M.: Junior (JR), Senior (SR). Concurrent Interns are listed separately depending on Year 1 or Year 2.  May be seen on the Personal Info link in MyLutherNet up by your sign in name.  M.Div. Seniors have completed more than 20 credits. M.Div. Middlers have completed between 10 and 19.5 credits. M.Div. Juniors have completed 9.5 or fewer credits. Completed credits includes ONLY those courses that have been graded (NR, Incompletes, etc. do not count toward earned completed credits). M.A. Seniors have completed 9 or more credits. M.A. Juniors have completed 8.5 or fewer credits. Reclassifications are made in mid-June based on earned credits (not attempted credits) once Spring Semester grading has been completed and as possible based on Office of the Registrar staffing during the school year. 

COHORT - Small group meeting as part of SG0601 - Learning Leader I.  Cohorts will continue to meet throughout their degree program time at Luther.  ALSO - COHORT - For Distributed Learning Program - Group they were admitted with and will continue to travel with throughout their years of study at Luther. 

CONSORTIUM - Four other seminaries in the area that offer an opportunity to cross-register for courses. Contact Office of the Registrar for details and form.  Find the other seminaries' schedules online on their school websites.

CORE COURSES (M.Div.) - The 12.0 required courses of the M.Div. degree program. See catalog for details.

COURSE NUMBERING SYSTEM - The two-letter prefix identifies the curricula area. The first digit identifies the curricula level. The second digit identifies the curricula division. See current catalog for further descriptions.

DL - DISTRIBUTED LEARNING PROGRAM - See academic catalog for details.  Must be admitted to M.Div., M.A.CYF or Graduate Certificate DL program cohorts.

FREE ELECTIVE - Optional courses you select to meet the total number of courses for your degree from whichever concentration interests you.

FULL COURSE - Equivalent to 3 semester hours. Designated as 1 or 1.0 under course value on schedule.

FULL-TIME STATUS - Three courses minimum full-time for M.A./M.Div./M.S.M. students for Fall and Spring Semesters. Ph.D. students are considered full time for the first four years of study; M.Th. students are considered full time for the first two years of study.

GRADING SYSTEM - A-F letter grading system; unless you request Pass-Fail grading at the time of registration. Must be requested online at the time of registration or on the add/drop slip if registering manually. All M.Th., Ph.D. AND D.Min. students receive letter grades.

HALF COURSE - Equivalent to 1.5 semester hours. Designated as .5 under course value on schedule.

HALF-TIME STATUS - 1.5 courses minimum is half-time for all M.A./M.Div./M.S.M. students.  D.Min. students are considered half time for the three years of their studies (BP) or five years (CML).

INDEPENDENT STUDY/GUIDED READING - Learning agreement form to be completed and signed by the student and the instructor. Return within add/drop deadlines to the Office of the Registrar. Form available in the stand outside the Office of the Registrar or on MyLutherNet (Registration tab - Forms).  The maximum limit is 5.0 independent study credits for those enrolled in M.A./M.S.M./M.Div. programs.  The maximum limit is 4.5 independent study credits for those enrolled in the dual degree programs.

INTENSIVE COURSES - Courses offered in a one to four week format.

LAB - Small work groups for preaching and worship classes only. You must choose one to complete your registration for the class.

LOAN DEFERMENTS/VERIFICATION of ENROLLMENT/VA CERTIFICATION - Office of the Registrar staff will process forms you receive from your loan company. Submit forms to Office of the Registrar. We will mail for you.  We have NO blank forms however for loan deferments. VA forms are submitted on behalf of the veteran after the 10th day of the term if the Office of the Registrar has been notified of your VA status.

MYLUTHERNET - The essential online program that lets you access your courses, unofficial transcript and grades, advising audit, register for courses, apply for graduation, update your personal information, and a whole lot of other functions.  Must have and must use item for all admitted students.

OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR'S WINDOW - Located in the NW Building second level. Window hours 8:00-11:00 am; 11:30-Noon; 1:00-3:00 pm. Closed Tuesday mornings until 10:30 for staff meeting except during the first week of each term and scheduled registration days. Closed Thursdays from January through August 21, 2014 for work on the New Curriculum.  (Note: Summer and holiday hours may be different, check Registrar's website.) Blank forms (Independent Study, Add/Drop slips, etc.) are located in the stand outside the window. Completed forms should be placed in the Registrar's mailbox on the first floor of Northwestern Hall when the Registrar's window is closed.

ONLINE COURSES - Courses designated with a -50 as the section number.  Limited enrollments.

PETITION FORM - Used for overload requests, extensions of incomplete grades, late course withdrawals without academic penalty, etc.  Available on MyLutherNet (Registration tab - Forms).

PRECEPT - Small discussion groups. Not all courses have precepts. Where precepts are designated, you must choose one to complete your registration for the class.

PREREQUISITE - You must have successfully COMPLETED (with a grade in the system if you are trying to register online) the specified course prior to taking another course. See catalog course descriptions for listing of the particulars.

SIX-WEEK SESSIONS - Two six-week sessions per semester. Designated by F or S following the course number. F6 = First six week session; S6 = Second six week session.

TRANSCRIPTS/TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS - A transcript is a copy of your academic record at Luther. Transcript Request Forms available in the stand outside the Office of the Registrar, on the Registrar's website ( or on MyLutherNet (Registration tab - Forms). There is a $10.00 fee per transcript. Not issued if student has Business Office hold on record.  Unofficial transcripts may be found on MyLutherNet under the MyDegree tab / Transcripts.

6000-LEVEL COURSES - Available as Post MA/Post MDIV graduate credit. Open to all students, however, first-year master of arts and master of divinity degree students may register for the 6000-level courses only with prior consent of the instructor via a signed add slip.