Online Courses and Registration

Frequently asked questions about online courses:

1. Registration periods are the same as those for on-campus courses.

2. Most online courses follow the regular academic calendar.

3. Online courses have limited enrollment. Registration for online courses occurs in the following priority: 1) currently enrolled Luther Seminary students (Distributed Learners, then by class status - i.e. seniors, middlers, juniors); 2) currently admitted degree and non-degree Luther Seminary students anticipating enrollment in the upcoming term (including Distributed Learning students required to take courses online); 3) seminary students with guest status from another ELCA or ATS seminary.

4. ALL students and applicants must be admitted to Luther Seminary first. Prospective students may contact the Office of Admissions for instructions and further details.

5. Procedures and deadlines for adding and dropping online courses are the same as those for on-campus courses.

6.  Limitations exist for the number of courses that can be completed by a combination of online classes and independent study. Consult the current Academic Catalog for specific information about Online Study Opportunities and Academic Policies and Procedures (Independent Study - Online Classes and Residency Requirements). 

7.  Questions?  Contact or call 651-641-3473