Consortium Cross-Registration

The five seminaries of the Minnesota Consortium of Theological Schools are:

Under the policies and procedures of each particular school, a student enrolled in any member school may cross register into courses offered by the other schools. Go to for more information on each school.

Registration is subject to whatever restrictions are indicated; add/drop policy, grading systems, incompletes, prerequisites, size limits, or agreements between the schools. Be aware of the individual consortium school's academic calendar.

Online courses through the Fisher's Net are not a part of the consortium agreement. Independent studies are likewise not a part of the consortium agreement.

It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the individual consortium schools' varying academic calendars, grading systems, incomplete policies, and withdrawal policies.

Unless special approval from the Luther Seminary division has been given PRIOR to registration to count the courses as core required courses, courses taken through the consortium will count as elective courses. Non-Lutheran polity options are the exception.

Registration and tuition

Registration and tuition are handled through Luther Seminary. To initiate the registration process:

  • Contact the Luther Seminary Registrar's Office to view consortium schools' offerings.
  • Go to the Minnesota Consortium of Theological Schools website, click on Universal Cross Registration Form; print form and send it to the appropriate consortium Registrar.
  • The consortium Registrar will send a transcript to report the grade at the end of the term and the course and grade will appear on the Luther Seminary record.