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Publicizing Your Event

You can reach out to your community with information about an educational or worship event at your congregation by using the media. Publicity can be a witness!

Is the event interesting? Is it somehow different, creative or especially helpful to people? If so, consider spreading word of your event using:

  • local newspapers;
  • radio;
  • your congregation's newsletter;
  • your Sunday worship bulletin; and
  • posters and flyers.

These media outlets reach different audiences and require careful planning.


Depending on the size of your town or city, the local newspaper can be a good place to publicize your event. If your congregation is in a big city, send information to community newspapers; they usually require plenty of advance notice. In a smaller city or rural area, the main newspaper might be very happy to print an announcement.

Either way, you should put together a news release that announces the event and identifies the speaker, topic, some background on the speaker’s expertise, along with the date, time and location of the event. Send your news to the newspaper editor at least 10 days in advance, and follow up with a phone call.

If the event is a major one in your community, start distributing publicity materials about three weeks in advance. Include photos of the speakers if available and offer to help facilitate media interviews. Call reporters and invite them to the event (but do not expect a commitment from them, especially on Sunday morning).


Send a news release to your local secular and Christian radio stations about one week in advance and follow up with a phone call. Do not expect much from major radio outlets, but in rural communities small radio stations are often eager for news of local events.

If your event features a well-known speaker, and if there is time on the speaker’s schedule, offer the radio news director an interview at the studio or by phone. Don’t underestimate the power of radio!


Start as soon as you can to place small announcements, then larger detailed stories about the event in your congregation’s newsletter. Be sure it is posted on the church calendar as far ahead as possible.

While you need to present clear, accurate information, this is not the place for “just the facts.” Your newsletter can communicate excitement about the event. Ask your pastor and congregation president to share their enthusiasm --and quote them!

Worship Bulletins

You can reuse material from your church newsletter in abbreviated form in the Sunday bulletin. Again, be sure the event appears in all calendar listings.

Posters and Flyers

It is simple and inexpensive to create an attractive poster or flyer that communicates the facts about your event. Make it easy to read and be sure to include all the pertinent information and your church or organization’s phone number.

Post them liberally around the church, and ask leaders of various small groups (Bible studies, parents groups, youth activities) to help distribute them. Store windows and community kiosks are also great places to post event flyers and posters.


It never hurts to send information about an event, but TV stations are not likely to help you with advance publicity. On the other hand if your event is truly unique and has some appealing visual features, a news crew might want to cover it.

Some local TV stations and cable TV bulletin boards air a community calendar. Send news of your event to the station’s community calendar editor at least one month in advance.


The Internet is an effective and convenient tool for sharing event news with a large number of people. If you have direct access to your organization’s Web site, consider posting a brief event announcement or event description.

Most announcements are 100–150 words long, and clearly announce the facts about the event. Add a short, active headline to get readers’ attention. Even if you do not have direct access to a Web site, send your announcement to a local newspaper that has a Web site with a community calendar.

Most newspapers with Web pages maintain community calendars on an ongoing basis. When sending your announcement to a newspaper, ask the calendar editor to add your announcement to the online community or events calendar.

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Using Seminary Facilities

The campus is open to the public. Visitors, congregations, and other groups are welcome to stop by the campus or use the seminary facilities.

Conferences and Social Gatherings

Find a suitable room at Luther Seminary for your next meeting or special gathering!

Campus Tours

All are invited to tour the campus. Tours can be arranged to fit visitors’ schedules and may include a weekday chapel service, lunch, and a visit to the Luther Seminary Bookstore/Augsburg Fortress. To schedule a campus tour, contact the Tour Coordinator at 651- 641-3419 or

Luther Seminary Bookstore

Our bookstore sells more than textbooks. Visit them online or in person to see what they have to fit your congregation or organization’s needs.

Dining Services & Catering

Visit Dining Services for a delightful breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dining Services also caters receptions, luncheons and dinners for congregations and church-related organizations in the metropolitan Twin Cities area. For more information, contact Dining Services at 651- 641-3255 or

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