Scholarships Allow More Students to Say, "Yes!" to God's Call

Students enter into the ministry at great cost to themselves. The cost of a seminary education is rising and with it the level"Generosity from people like you who are invested in future church leaders made it possible for me to follow my call into a life of ministry at Luther Seminary."

-Peter Weston Miller, Master of Divinity, Senior 
of student debt.

Thirty-one percent of seminary graduates leave without educational debt. For the remaining 69%, the median indebtedness is $42,279. High debt levels limit the types of calls students can accept, especially to rural or inner-city congregations which cannot pay high enough salaries to allow students to cover their debt payments.

Your support of scholarships allows students to freely follow their call to seminary, and keep down their debt so they can serve God's world where they are most needed. 

Jennifer Hinman was able to say to God's call to ministry due to a presidential scholarship. When considering seminary, Hinman asked herself, "Can I afford to answer God's call into ministry?" When she received her her full-tuition scholarship, she realized the answer was, "Yes!"

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Luther Seminary Student Budget

The average student receives $5,227 in scholarships and grants. As the sample student budget below shows, this leaves a significant gap for students to fill. The figures are for a typical single student, living on campus for the 2012-13 school year.

Tuition 15,000
Room and Board 6,120
Books and Fees 2,000
Transportation 3,000
Misc. Personal 6,750
Total $32,870

Scholarship Facts

Luther Seminary awarded $2.6 million in scholarships and financial aid during 2012-13. In addition, local congregations provide additional assistance. On average, this covers approximately half of the cost of tuition, but students still incur significant living expenses that must be covered through employment, loans or other sources of income.

Debt Facts

Sixty-nine percent of Luther Seminary graduates graduate with student loan debt.

Median Indebtedness for Students

  • $42,279

Long Range Costs of Student Loans

Amount Percent Time Monthly Payment
Per $1,000 6% 10 years $11.10
If $44,000 ('07 average) 6% 10 years $488.40

(Monthly beginning salaries for graduates generally range from $2,000 to $3,000.)

According to an Auburn study of theological students, excessive debt can result in:

  • Impacting career choices
  • Creating stress in professional and personal life
  • Holding back from purchasing a home
  • Preventing from saving for their children’s education
  • Delaying health care costs
  • Affecting morale

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