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Embracing Stewardship

Longtime readers of this newsletter will recognize an old friend today, Chick Lane, former director

Celebration and Significance: The Gifts of Stewardship

There’s many ways to respond when faced with planning an annual stewardship campaign. Many leaders

The "Other" Reasons People Give to Church Communities

I recently attended a superb four-day workshop on religious fundraising. While the leaders did well to

The Christian Wallet: Spending, Giving, and Living with a Conscience

Last week, we considered Andrew Carnegie’s 1889 essay, “The Gospel of Wealth.” This

On "The Gospel of Wealth"

In stewardship circles, among the historical writings referenced from time to time is Andrew Carnegie’s

What Would it Take?

We continue our new year romp through stewardship resources -- books and beyond -- with a word from Bob

Church as Street Performer

Over the next few weeks, the newsletter will explore some resources -- books and beyond -- that consider

Connections between Advent and Stewardship

This week’s newsletter explores connections between Advent and stewardship by way of a surprising

Gratitude and the Simplicity Movement

This week we conclude our gratitude series with, well, gratitude to our fine contributors. As the series

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