Partnering with New Congregations

I once heard a church leadership guru wonder aloud what would happen if, when we started new congregations,

Flipping the Funding Model

For the last four weeks, our series Funding the Next Church has featured articles by leaders of new worshipping

From Consumption to Collaboration

I grew up in a congregation established in 1832. As a child, I loved looking through the old book on that

Humbly Walking for Seven Years, And...

This week marks the beginning of a new multi-week series: Funding the Next Church. Lost in our squabbling

Because of God's Great Mercy

Leading congregations to embrace stewardship is hard work. Ultimately, this work is about changing the

Transparency: How much, how little, and to whom?

In my first few weeks at Luther, they were many people I was eager to meet. Near the top of the list was

What is Generosity?

Last week the Center for Stewardship Leaders hosted a conference on the topic: Creating Congregational

Readiness to Learn

Today's article reflects on my transition to Luther Seminary, and some wisdom discovered in old files.

What is Most Important?

Today Gerry Rafftery and I say farewell to all of you who receive this weekly newsletter. We are grateful

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