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For this, I give thanks

I know several families who, after Thanksgiving dinner, go around the table and invite each person to

The Ancient Art of Thanking

Throwback culture is quite popular these days. Retro fashion is in. My grandfather’s plaid shirts

Chuck Knows Church

I think I first ran across the video resource Chuck Knows Church on a friend’s Facebook page. After

Stewardship in the Shadow of the Shema

I have a brother who is five years younger than I am. Growing up, I remember when he got to the “why

A Gratitude Campaign

I don’t remember most of the gifts I received for my high school graduation. In fact, I’m

What the Global Church Can Teach Us About Stewardship (Part 2)

Many stewardship conversations consider the question what's possible? What's possible for our mission

What the Global Church Can Teach Us About Stewardship (Part 1)


When I was in seminary, I was required to take an "Alternative Context" course. At the time, we

Reclaiming the Testimony

Many congregations are currently in the midst of planning or implementing an annual stewardship program

On Why (Some) People Don't Give Money to Their Church

When it comes to stewardship and the bible, church leaders tend toward the sweet passages about cheerful

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