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  • Updated: 02/27/2013

Nathan Dungan encourages a discipline whereby people share 10%, save 10% and wisely spend 80%.

On his web site, Share - Save - Spend he provides links to various sources that assist people in carrying out this discipline.

Below are links that relate particularly to the discipline of "saving."

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  • Author: Mark Allan Powell, professor of New Testament at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Keith Mundy from ELCA Outreach and Congregational Ministry Unit and Ted Schroeder, former church-wide staff and pastor.
  • Updated: 12/17/2012
  • Copyright: Augsburg Fortress

Ask people what God is doing in their lives and you're likely to get many stories about what God has done for, with and through them. Augsburg Fortress has introduced a new stewardship series called "Stories To Tell & Gifts To Share," which is designed to guide people to "a deeper understanding of God's story as they tell their own faith stories, and respond to God's blessings by sharing God's gifts with the world," according to Augsburg.

Read Jerry Hoffman's review of the series below.

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  • Author: National Stewardship Officer for the Church of England
  • Updated: 03/23/2010

This site is maintained by the National Stewardship Officer for the Church of England, although the resources are intended to be used more widely than the Church of England if others find them helpful.  

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  • Updated: 07/02/2009

Good economic practice - positive ways of exchanging goods and services - is about the well-being, the livelihood, of the whole household. In the face of great economic and environmental challenges, the Christian practice of household economics calls on us to manage our private homes for the well-being and livelihood of the small planet home we all share.
Ways to Practice

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  • Updated: 06/12/2009

Pastors looking to deepen their skills in Christian fundraising with a stewardship focus are encouraged to take a look at ALDE -- The Association of Lutheran Development Executives.  Though it's name says "Lutheran," ALDE is open to those of any Christian denomination.  ALDE provides inexpensive educational resources, networking opportunities and professional development.  ALDE offers conferences and webinars of interest.

Learn more by clicking on ALDE


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