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Audio/Video  Audio/Video
  • Author: Tim Wrenn is a student at Luther Seminary.
  • Updated: 12/17/2012

You Tube presentations of interest related to stewardship. These may be able to help you come up with a different approach in either presenting or educating your congregation on stewardship.

Letter  Letter
  • Author: Charles Lane, Kathy Haueisen, Gene Grimm, Karen Soli
  • Updated: 12/17/2012
  • Copyright: Charles Lane

Email reflections between ELCA Stewardship Key Leaders regarding financial crisis.

Happening  Happening

Augustana Lutheran Church n West St. Paul is known as a congregation which is a ridiculously generous congregation.  A part of the reason is history of strong pastoral stewardship leadership and a very intentional annual plan to prepare and invite people to respond.  Their fall stewardship emphasis at Augustana Lutheran Church in West St. Paul, MN begins in February.   Here are notes from the PowerPoint presentation.

Book Review  Book Review
  • Author: Douglas John Hall is professor of Christian Theology in the Faculty of Religious Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He is the author of many books
  • Updated: 12/17/2012
  • ISBN: 0802804721
  • Copyright: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company

This book seeks to recapture the biblical background of the concept of "steward." Hall writes, "Stewardship does not describe any one dimension of the Christian life; it describes the whole posture called 'Christian.'"

Hall contends that the terms "steward" and "stewardship" are used with greater frequency outside the churches than inside them. As such, it makes the word more accessible to a much wider audience.

Audio/Video  Audio/Video
  • Author: Reviewd by Tim Wrenn.  Luther Seminary student, class of 2010.  Serving as a missionary in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Updated: 12/17/2012

A movie about the national and personal debt crisis.


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