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My main concern is justice oriented.  If we are to eventually redirect it toward a new ethic on wealth accumulation, we need to understand how American religion, at least partially, became a tool for defending social norms that allow excessive wealth and grinding poverty to co-exist

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The writer gives a personal story of his stewardship journey.

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Messages about wealth received in church, if any are offered, and in the religious media tend to fall into two categories:
1.  Wealth is benign:  With the exception of the annual stewardship campaign, many churches rarely addressing issues of wealth, be it the wealth of the community or the wealth of the individual.  It just happens that certain people have wealth and others have less.  God may have some concern with how you gain and use wealth, but not about how much you have.
2. Wealth is a blessing:  Often implied in this  message is that wealth is a sign of faithfulness and blessing.  Sometimes wealth is portrayed as a reward for being generous or faithful in other ways.

Many American Christians tend to avoid addressing wealth issues when discussing their faith.  

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The author gives a summation of helpful Faith and Money Resources including:

The Soul of Money by Lynn Twist

The Seven Stages of Money Maturity by George Kinder

A Woman's Book of Money and Spiritual Vision by Rosemary Willams

Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robbin

The Price of Faith by Marie Cross


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