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This chapter seeks to identify the roots of middle class economic morality in America today.  To accomplish that task the author looks at a "wide range of economic, political and religious/philosophic influences in the formation of American society to understand today's predominant ethos toward wealth."

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An exploration of the trends in American religious thought and practice that plowed the ground for the prosperity theologies of today.

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The sociological and theological forces that shaped America attitudes toward wealth accumulation over the past several centuries.

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A core perspective of a competent steward is to be grounded in biblical and theological principles and have the ability to engage and critique culture.

The Table of Contents helps you navigate your way through the paper.

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Michael Troutman presents theological reflections that engage contemporary economic theory and financial market realities. He is motivated "by my search for a relationship with money and wealth that will allow me a faith-filled journey that is more truly reflective of the gift of grace that a loving God bestows on me and all of creation."


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