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  • Author: Salt 2004
  • Updated: 11/09/2009
  • Copyright: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Any part of Salt Seasonings can be reproduced with attribution. All Scripture quotations are from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible (NRSV).

This article looks at the health of a congregation and the life principles that the congregation upholds.  This articles causes the reader to reflect upon the congregation and the messages that the congreation focuses upon.

Article  Article
  • Author: A Salt Seasoning Contributor
  • Updated: 11/04/2009
  • Copyright: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Any part of Salt Seasonings can be reproduced with attribution.

A core perspective of a steward is an understanding that we are God's partners.
Mark 4:26-29

This devotional uses agricultural references serve as a parallel to our relationship with our growing faith.

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A core leadership skill is to motivate a faith community's stewardship journey.

The following short article reflects on faith, money and happiness. It urges adults to teach children the joy of giving.

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A Core Perspective of a competent steward is to engage and critique culture

The following article is one that states that the federal debt is misunderstood. Gary Moore states:
Most everyone knows the federal debt is now twelve trillion dollars. As a percentage of our national income (GDP), that is about half what it was at the end of World War Two. And it is projected to rise to that level again during my expected lifetime, assuming our wars and spending on retired boomers continue as is. Yet when we as individuals consider whether our mortgage is burdensome or not, we usually relate that debt to the value of our home, not simply our income. And I've never found one American Christian during twenty years of asking who knows the value of our American home. Yet that number is estimated each year by the same folks who estimate our debt. It simply isn't the bad news favored by our media and politicians.

Article  Article
  • Author: Gary Moore, author, investment adviser and founder of the Financial Seminary
  • Updated: 11/02/2009
  • Copyright: Gary Moore

Author Gary Moore, investment, adviser and founder of the Financial Seminary, has written an article that helps us reflect on the Reformation period by highlighting a document that's meaning and intent sometimes gets forgotten.  In his article, "9.5 Theses," Gary highlights some of the challenges along with the opportunities that we have when dealing with the dollar in everyday life.


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