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Audio/Video  Audio/Video
  • Author: You Tube Video
  • Updated: 12/24/2008
  • Copyright: Evangelical Lutheran Church

Evangelical Lutheran Church puts together a video representing their theme "stories to tell, gifts to share." A good example of something that your church could pick up and use for your own stewardship drive.

Audio/Video  Audio/Video
  • Author: Hacksawed
  • Updated: 11/16/2008
  • Copyright: Hacksawed

This beautiful video is an inspirational story about Johnny the bagger who has Downs Syndrome.  He discovers something he can do that will make a difference.  His give became transformative.

Audio/Video  Audio/Video
  • Author: Worship House Media
  • Updated: 09/13/2008
  • Copyright: ښ 2008 WorshipHouse Media񕄠. All Rights Reserved.

Here is a website that provides a number of different opportunities.  The website includes short movies, stills, and whole series's that are devoted to a number of topics.

Audio/Video  Audio/Video
  • Author: Tim Sanders
  • Updated: 09/11/2008
  • Copyright: Tim Sanders

A collection of Illustrations that can be used in stewardship discussions, also Tim discusses in a two part series the difference between scracity thinking and Abundance thinking.

Audio/Video  Audio/Video
  • Author: You Tube
  • Updated: 08/27/2008

This series uses three bills of money to bring out spending habits and trends of today's consumer.


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