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Happening  Happening
  • Author: Scott Searl is responsible for faith formation and stewardship at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Excelsior, MN.
  • Updated: 07/12/2008
  • Copyright: Scott Searl

Each year there is an intentional emphasis on a Christian perspective of financial transactions. The congregation engages in conversation about these issues at a time when there are efforts to receiving funds for the congregation.  The focus is encouraging Christian stewardship values be reflected in all financial choices.

Happening  Happening
  • Author: Mike Zaske is a pastor at the American Lutheran Church, Worthington, MN.
  • Updated: 07/11/2008
  • Copyright: Mike Zaske

The council in this congregation was stressed by the monthly report which indicated a lower than expected giving level.  The concern continued until a broader review of giving told a quite different story.

Before you jump to conclusions, have another look!

Happening  Happening
  • Author: Jerry Hoffman
  • Updated: 06/24/2008
  • Copyright: Jerry Hoffman

In 1998, Messiah's bell tower was hit by lighting and its building burned to the ground.  From the devastation came an incredible renewal of spirit, vitality and service.  With help from their insurance company, others in the community and from the generosity of its own members, they built a beautiful, serviceable new facility in a new location.  When Pastor Kristin Foster reflects on what occurred, she smiles and calls it, "A Miracle!"

In their new building, they are continuing to expand their mission of grace, mercy and service in their own immediate community and far beyond.

In the spring of 2005, they envisioned ridding themselves of their debt as soon as possible in order to devote even more of their resources in mission and outreach to the community and the globe.  

I had the opportunity to be with the congregation on Commitment Sunday, May 22, when the penny processional occurred.  I love to tell this story.

--Jerry Hoffman

Happening  Happening
  • Updated: 06/23/2008

How Change Shapes Us

Happening  Happening
  • Author: Pastor Jan Hartsook is co-pastor at St. Philip's Lutheran Church, Fridley, MN.
  • Updated: 06/23/2008
  • Copyright: Pastor Jan Hartsook

On the middle of their table is a small jar that is identified as the "Poor Jar."  

Every day, as members of the family gather around the table, each puts one or more quarters in the jar.  

The money in the jar is used for special giving opportunities such as the Heifer project.