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Humor  Humor
  • Author: Unknown
  • Updated: 07/28/2006

Hoping to take his money to heaven with him, a man puts it in a box in the attic.

Humor  Humor
  • Author: Unknown
  • Updated: 07/13/2006

Series to use for chuckles in e-mail newsletters.

Humor  Humor
  • Author: Unknown
  • Updated: 04/25/2006

In Scotland, where the collection plate is rarely full, a pastor in a small church was taking the offering.  

When the plate came back to the pastor to pray over the offering, he saw that the few pennies in it were even less than usual.

He held the plate up in front of him and said, "Well Lord, we thank you for he safe return of the plate."

Humor  Humor
  • Author: Unknown
  • Updated: 08/12/2005

An American history teacher, lecturing the class on the Puritans, asked: "What sort of people were punished in the stocks?"  

To which a small voice from the back of the room responded: "The small investor."  

Humor  Humor
  • Author: Woody Allen
  • Updated: 07/12/2005

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans."
--Woody Allen

The converse is also true.
"If God wants to make you laugh he will tell you his plans for you."


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