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Illustration  Illustration
  • Author: Herb Miller
  • Updated: 07/11/2008
  • Copyright: Copied with permission from Money Is/Isn't Everything by Herb Miller
    ښ Discipleship Resources, Nashville, TN

Hold up a glove.

The glove, by itself, does not pick up anything. It is limp, helpless.

Slide your hand into it.

The glove now has dexterity and power.

It has become a gifted, smart glove that can accomplish innumerable tasks.

Money is a glove through which the hand of human personality expresses itself.

The glove by itself is neither good nor bad.

The hand in the glove can take on either self-centered or self-giving characteristics.

It can either open to give or grasp in greed.

Illustration  Illustration
  • Author: Tim Sanders has deep experience in cutting-edge businesses and marketing.  He was the Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo! and later their Leadership Coach.
  • Updated: 07/09/2008
  • Copyright: Sanders Says
    by Tim Sanders

Thinking in terms of abundance rather then scarcity.

Illustration  Illustration
  • Author: Lois Cheney
  • Updated: 06/17/2008
  • ISBN: 0687151791
  • Copyright: Abingdon Press

An illustration about a man who promises everything if only... then when God gives it to him nothing happens.

Illustration  Illustration
  • Author: Dennis Anderson was formerly president of Trinity Lutheran Seminary and bishop of the Nebraska synod of the Lutheran Church in America. In his retirement he is writing, teaching and speaking.
  • Updated: 06/04/2008
  • Copyright: Dennis A. Anderson

A great illustration of how stewardship and baptism work together. Here, Dennis Anderson tells a story of how the two helped a man he met on an airplane. It comes from his forthcoming book, Let's Begin With Chocolate.

Illustration  Illustration
  • Updated: 05/28/2008

According to a January 15, 1989 article in the Lexington Herald-Leader, the family living in a home in West Palm Beach, Florida, told a film crew it was okay to use the front lawn as a set for an episode of "B. L. Stryker" television series.

They knew cars would be crashing violently in front of the house.

While the front yard was being blown up, the owner of the home was tipped off and called from New York demanding to know what was happening to his house.

It seems the people who were living in the house were only tenants and had no right to allow the property to be destroyed as the cameras rolled.


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