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  • Author: Stewardship Leaders at Grace Lutheran Church, Eau Claire, WI.
  • Updated: 05/25/2005
  • Copyright: North West Synod of Wisconsin Resource Center

"What can we do to motivate members about their response to God's blessings?"

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  • Updated: 12/29/2004

Parish Growth Partners is rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition.  PCP is dedicated to helping pastors and parish leaders create, build and maintain the culture and practice of stewardship.

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  • Updated: 12/29/2004
  • Copyright: Channing Bete Company

Below are a list of various stewardship booklets available from this source.  

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  • Author: U.S. Catholic Bishops
  • Updated: 06/08/2004
  • Copyright: USCCB Publishing

Stewardship is not a matter of giving a little more; rather, it is a way of life.

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  • Author: Ted Mollegen is a lay stewardship leader in the Episcopal church. This is his own personal web site.
  • Updated: 11/18/2003

Stewardship is being in charge of something that belongs to someone else.  It implies an accountability to the true owner for what we do with what we are in charge of.  Jesus taught in many parables that we are responsible to God for our use of what we are in charge of.  He also taught that we owe the owner (i.e. God) a return on what has been assigned to us.  Examples of things that we may be in charge of -- perhaps temporarily -- include:

our material resources,
our children,
our portions of business, church, or other organizations, etc.


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