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  • Author: Mother Teresa
  • Updated: 01/15/2008

"She gives most who gives with joy."
- Mother Teresa

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  • Author: John Maxwell
  • Updated: 11/30/2007

"People do not give from the top of their purses but from the bottom of
their hearts. If you desire to become a more generous person do not
change your income. Change your heart."
- John Maxwell

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  • Author: Dorothy Parker
  • Updated: 11/30/2007

"If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people
he gave it to."

-- Dorothy Parker

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  • Author: Dr. William O. Avery is professor of Field Education and the Arthur L. Larson Professor of Stewardship and Parish Life.
  • Updated: 09/13/2007
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  • Author: Unknown
  • Updated: 04/17/2007

Six reasons.