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Sermon  Sermon

Text:  Mark 10:17-31
"Seeking to obtain eternal life, like seeking to acquire any other possession, is a dead-end street.  Nothing will work.  We can neither bargain with God nor manipulate God.  

"Eternal life is a pure and undeserved gift from God that we receive when we have nothing to offer.  And since that is so, we can turn our gaze from heaven and stop wondering what awaits us there.  Instead, we can turn our eyes to this world, and follow Jesus wherever he takes us."

Sermon  Sermon
  • Author: Jeff Farley Presbyterian pastor in Otisville, New York
  • Updated: 10/14/2009
  • Copyright: Pastor Jeff Farley

A little girl left outside of Sunday School saves her money and builds what becomes a Philadelphia landmark.

Sermon  Sermon
  • Author: Robert Bekkerus will graduate with a Master of Divinity from Luther Seminary in 2009.
  • Updated: 07/16/2009
  • Copyright: Robert Bekkerus

Text: 2 Chronicles 31:2-12a
Theme: Give us this day our daily bread.

Robert Bekkerus sermon puts the fourth petition of the Lord Prayer into a great perspective for a modern understanding.  We are reminded that we are given an abundance from God and for this we are to thank God and share with those in need.

Sermon  Sermon
  • Author: Pastor Paul Stjernholm is a pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, SD
  • Updated: 07/16/2009
  • Copyright: Pastor Paul Stjernholm 2008

Text: 2 Corinthians 9:1-11
This is the second of three stewardship sermons
by Pastor Paul Stjernholm

Pastor Paul Stjernholm speaks of the potential that is within a seed and the bounty that we receive from God.  Pastor Paul Stjernholm talks about there being enough, how much is enough?  Pastor Stjernholm gives a great modern story that a person can identify with this message.

Sermon  Sermon

Text: Malachi 3:6-12, Pentecost XXVI
November 16, 2008

God says in no uncertain terms, "It's not yours, it's mine.  And if you, in cavalier fashion, take what is mine and treat it as your own, then you are robbing me."


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