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Sermon  Sermon
  • Author: George Haynes was ordained in 1951 and is currently a mission developer for Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Rockport, Texas. He is an ELCA Stewardship key leader.
  • Updated: 08/13/2008
  • Copyright: George Haynes,
    P.O. Box 301,
    109 Peach Tree Drive,
    Rockport TX 78381

Text: 2 Kings 4:42-44
John 6:1-13
Proper 12B

"Now, the very first truth I want to engrave on your hearts and on your minds is this: No one who comes to the Lord ever goes away hungry. No one who enters into the presence of the Lord ever goes away empty. No one.

"The reason for that is very simple and is the second truth I want you to engrave on your hearts and in your minds: our God is a God of abundance."

Sermon  Sermon
  • Author: Ordained in 1951, George Haynes is a mission developer for Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Rockport, Texas. He is an ELCA Stewardship key leader.
  • Updated: 08/13/2008
  • Copyright: George Haynes
    P.O. Box 301
    109 Peach Tree Drive
    Rockport TX 78381

Matthew 25:14-30
Christ the King (A)

"God has, in fact, entrusted everything that is God's into your hands;
God has taken everything that is God's -- or even associated with God -- and put it right smack dab into your hands as a trust ...

"To care for it ... to manage it ... to use it ... to administer it for God!

"What glory and honor God has given you; what dignity and power and opportunity God has given you ... entrusting you with the care and management and use and administration of everything that is God's."

Sermon  Sermon
  • Author: Rev. Beth Warpmaeker is the Faith Formation Pastor at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, Minn.  
  • Updated: 08/11/2008
  • Copyright: Beth M. Warpmaeker. All rights reserved.

"Certainly our material things and our desire for money to buy more things have a hold on us today, perhaps more than any other time in history.

"Jesus preached that redistribution of wealth and acts of justice were more in line with God's reign than the accumulation of wealth."

Sermon  Sermon
  • Author: Rev. Eric M. Williams is rector of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Jamestown, N.Y.
  • Updated: 07/31/2008
  • Copyright: Rev. Eric Williams

The church is not immune from the battle between the opposing worldviews of scarcity and abundance. Scarcity insists we lack the resources for doing what God calls us to do. The contrary view expresses confidence in God's abundance.

Eric Williams, rector of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Jamestown, N.Y., uses two snack food ad campaigns to illustrate this tension. Read on to see if you have a Ruffles or a Doritos way of life.

Sermon  Sermon
  • Author: Kathryn D'Arcy Blanchard is an assistant professor of Religion at Alma College in Alma, Michigan and has a theology and ethics from Duke University.
  • Updated: 07/12/2008
  • Copyright: 2007 Kathryn D'Arcy Blanchard

2007 - Share, Save, Spend Sermon Series At Mount Calvary

January 13-14, 2007  "Share, Save, Spend"
Dr. Kathryn D. Blanchard as the guest preacher introduced this years series of Share, Save, Spend. Dr. Blanchard will preach on Martin Luther's Pastoral Teachings on Money. Always one to speak boldly, Martin Luther is sure to engage us in very lively thought!

Her sermon is based on her award winning article "Martin Luther's Pastoral Teachings on Money, printed in Word & World Theology for Christian Mission, Volume 26, Summer 2006, Number 3, Luther Seminary, Saint Paul, MN.