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Teaching Stewardship at a Young Age

Stewardship doesn’t magically begin at age 18, or when one begins one’s first job, or upon

Teaching Stewardship to Children

Stewardship isn’t just for adults. Yet, in many of our congregations, we put off teaching about

Stewardship and relationships


Andy Root

Urban gardening

Urban congregations and urban gardens are a great stewardship connection.  Find out more in this

Stewarding God's gifts together

God's people coming together and using their gifts together makes for good stewardship and powerful worship.

Joyful Giving: Then and Now with Tom Jolivette

Tom Jolivette, Vice President for Seminary Relations at Luther Seminary talks about finding joy in giving

Kids and Money

Carrie Carrol, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment at Luther Seminary, talks about kids

Timeonomics - Part 2


Center for Stewardship Leaders at Luther Seminary.

Timeonomics - Part 1

Roland Martinson, academic dean of Luther Seminary, and long-time expert in children, youth and family

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