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From Objectification to Embodied Stewardship

Not many have a personal stewardship journey quite as juxtaposed as our writer this week, Sarah Renfro.


Scrolling through my Facebook feed last week, I saw a short video of a lion cub learning to roar. In its

The Stewardship of White Privilege

In recent months, I’ve repeatedly been drawn to questions that connect race and stewardship. To

Diapers, Glitter Glue, and Unexpected Lessons in Stewardship

I’m happy to introduce Alex Benson this week, a student at Luther Seminary and editorial assistant

Unholy Sundays

Do you have a story of a time when a pastor -- maybe even you -- tried to shock the congregation, but

What Is Working for You?

This email continues our series written by parish pastors who describe stewardship ideas and practices

Telling the Story

We held the Rethinking Stewardship: Connecting Faith and Finances conference at Luther Seminary in late

Pentecost Languages

Catherine Malotky, a philanthropic adviser at Luther Seminary, serves on the stewardship committee of

Stewarding New Life

This week we continue our children, youth and family video series with Pastor Tim Coltvet. Below he shares

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