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Asking for Gifts

It’s about Time

In my first call as pastor, I remember when early June came around I was struck by an unwelcome realization:

No More Mugs: Seeking Relational Rewards

Last week, I introduced the concept of crowdfunding and considered its potential for congregations and

Crowdfunding Your Congregation

What if a new technology existed that completely changed the way congregations raised funds for mission?

Donors -- Friends of Faith

Last week we completed the successful launch of the center’s new website! The revamped page hosts

Electronic Giving

Last week I wrote about several historic forms of funding the church. This week, we shift to considering

The "Other" Reasons People Give to Church Communities

I recently attended a superb four-day workshop on religious fundraising. While the leaders did well to

Church as Street Performer

Over the next few weeks, the newsletter will explore some resources -- books and beyond -- that consider

Making the Case

I have had several conversations this past month with Pastors working with their congregation's leadership

Who preaches the Stewardship Sermon?

About this time every year, in fact it happened just yesterday, the phone begins to ring in the office

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