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The Best July Ever!

"What Will We Do in 2015?" is our continuing theme as we asked stewardship leaders what worked so well

Preaching Jesus in the Chaos of Consumerism

Once in a while it is worth going back to something we have read before because it speaks so well to our

Parents Legacy of Gratitude and Generosity

In a couple of days we will gather in worship and then around tables of plenty as we celebrate Thanksgiving.


One helpful definition of stewardship is brief and to the point: "Stewardship is the management of life

Learning Generosity At Home

I have asked many generous people, "Where did you learn generosity?" The vast majority have told me stories

Generosity - Attitude and Actions

We return to the theme of "Generosity" today as we see, once again, how important the community is in

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

The stewardship of "time and talent" in our congregations is part of a much larger ministry of helping

Engagement IS Stewardship!

The next four issues of our newsletter will explore the important ministry of identifying the gifts God

Upcoming Center for Stewardship Leaders events

We have something unusual to share with the readers of the Center for Stewardship Leaders newsletter

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