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Lead Your Congregation

Narrative Budget Tells Story of Transformative Ministry

We asked five stewardship leaders to share what worked well for them this past year and will lead them

Stewardship Basics in a Rural Setting

We asked pastors who are serving congregations in a rural context for their counsel on providing stewardship

Why Do You Give to the Church?

Many of you are deeply involved in Fall Stewardship programs and you have asked the question of how you

The Identity Which Shapes Our Lives

The Stewardship ministry of the congregation in this article begins with a focus on prayer which the congregation

Summer's a Fertile Time

We asked several pastors to tell us what they think we should be doing in July to prepare for a fall financial

Year-Round Stewardship: New Perceptions

Over the next several weeks we will take look at the plans you are making now as your congregation prepares

Cultivate a Climate of Generosity through Thankful Living

Today, Sharron Blezard raises our anticipation of Rethinking Stewardship, July 28-30, as she focuses

Practicing Generosity

We are anticipating the Rethinking Stewardship: Exploring Year-Round Stewardship Conference July 28-30.

Traditional Generation: Caring and Commitment

This week we conclude our series on generational giving with a perspective on the characteristics of the

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