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What Good is Work? (Part II)

The week before the seminary started its fall term, I was traveling in Scotland. My grandmother lives

What Good is Work? (Part I)

When I taught at Concordia College, I often found myself discussing the concept of vocation with students.

Talking About Money When Not Asking For It

It’s possible to develop bad habits in our church leadership. For some of us, I’m afraid one

Have We Always Done it This Way?

Growing up active in the church, I often heard a version of the following joke. It was usually told in

On "The Gospel of Wealth"

In stewardship circles, among the historical writings referenced from time to time is Andrew Carnegie’s

On Why (Some) People Don't Give Money to Their Church

When it comes to stewardship and the bible, church leaders tend toward the sweet passages about cheerful

On Why People Give Money to Their Church

One of the joys of teaching at Luther Seminary is the opportunity to learn from my fantastic colleagues.

How should Christians approach funding the church?

As I write this, I'm three weeks into teaching a course at Luther Seminary called Money and Mission of

It's the Small Things

Today we continue in our focus on the Stewardship of Creation. Our writer is a student at Luther Seminary,

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