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Stewards of God's Story

This email marks the first of many in the coming year that will include a video produced to accompany

How Do Church Leaders Get Clear about Stewardship?

Margaret Marcuson is a pastor and church consultant based in Portland, Ore. Her work with leaders in congregations

A Spirituality of Fundraising

Pastor Libby Howe has written the following reflection on Henri Nouwen's "A Spirituality of Fundraising."

Growing Giving Forward by Saying "Thank You"

Saying thanks is truly a win-win. The person who is thanked feels appreciated and the person who has

The Big Give

Light of the World Lutheran Church in Farmington, Minn. is the newest congregation in the St. Paul Area

In God's Hands

This charming children's book tells the story of two men: Jacob, a rich man, and David, a poor man, who

Because Nothing Looks Like God

This children's book explores three primary questions about God: Where is God? What does God look like?

The Selfish Giant

In this charming tale, Wilde describes a vivacious garden filled with beautiful flowers, trees and wildlife

The Quiltmaker's Journey, prequel to The Quiltmaker's Gift

The Quiltmaker's Journey is a tale of a courageous young girl, who has lived a sheltered life in a walled,

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