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Stewardship Study – The Apostles’ Creed Unit 1

Professor Haemig provides a study on stewardship using the apostle's Creed.  Using Luther's meaning

A Christian View of Money: Celebrating God’s Generosity

"Money has a godlike power. I think about it a lot. How and when I might get more of it. What I will do

The Stewardship Companion: Lectionary Resources for Preaching

The focus of this stewardship commentary, based on the Revised Commmon Lectionary (A, B, C), is for any

A Theology for Christian Stewardship

"From the doctrine of creation we derive the concepts of God's sovereignty and our trusteeship and responsibility.

The Steward Living in Covenant: A New Perspective on Old Testament Stories

In a culture possessed by its possessions, the church is called to be counter-cultural. That's the case

The State of Generosity

This article is in this weekly series that is designed to help you think, talk, and teach about money

Jesus' Teachings About Money

This book is a guide to biblical stewardship and, more particularly, to Jesus' teachings. Jesus used money

Free of Charge: Giving and Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace

"This is a book about worshiping the true God and letting the true God act in us.  It tells us as

The Soul of Money

Lynne Twist tells marvelous stories to illustrate the rich insights of The Soul of Money. A reading of

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