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Are You a Tipper?

The following article by Pastor Steve McKinley compares the difference between "tipping" and "giving."

Jesus Sat and Watched the Crowd

This hymn is especially appropriate for use with Mark 12:41-44 and Luke 21:1-4, the story of the Widow's

The Stewardship of Church Music Session 3 - Broken to the Sacraments

"This is a point at which the musician faces one of the church's most acute temptations, namely, to think

The Stewardship of Church Music:Session 2 - Broken to the Word

What the church does at worship is not fundamentally about music.  Music may figure quite heavily

The Stewardship of Church Music Session 1 - General Considerations

"Stewards have the responsibility for a gift entrusted to their care.  So it is with the church musician.

The Earth is the Lord's

This hymn, set to the familiar tune of ST. DENIO ("Immortal, Invisible"), speaks of God's ownership of

Prayer of Thanks For Abundance

Prayer of Thanks For Abundance

Loving God, your abundance overflows around us. You could have given us

Reflections On Answers to Prayer

We were blessed by the answers.

We asked for strength that we might achieve;
God made us weak that we

The 5-10 Club

People nowadays often fill their schedules so they don't have a minute to spare. But what if your pastor

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