Giving and Stewardship in the Effective Church

Recommended by Dr. Steve Ramp.

Part 1: Giving Principles. Callahan sets out 7 guiding principles.

Part 2: Six sources or doors of giving.

Part 3: Motivations for Giving.

Part 4: Understanding Stewardship for Giving.

This is an excellent study guide for clergy and lay leaders. It could also work well for an adult class (4-10 weeks). Callahan provides action worksheets following each major section of the book so people can assess where they are and make commitments to grow as stewards.

In Part 1: Giving Principles. Callahan sets out 7 guiding principles:

1. Money follows mission, always. Don't talk about money. Talk about God's mission.

2. People give to a winning cause, not to a sinking ship. We are Easter people.

3. People have a spirit of generosity.

4. People live forward to expectancies and down to expectations.

5. Who asks for the gift is a decisive factor. People are grouped by relationships, vocations, socio-economic class, geography and kinship. Relationships are the strongest marker of success.

6. People give to people, not to budgets. Givers look at three people: those being helped, those who are helping, and the people who are leaders.

7. Relax, have fun, enjoy life in Christ. Surround yourself with grace. Don't fret.


Kennon L. Callahan, Ph.D. researcher, professor, and pastor is one of today's most sought-after church consultants.

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