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Our Stewardship: Managing Our Assets

"The key stewardship question is this: 'Why do we have what we have?'"

"Christian stewards receive, use, and offer God's gifts, according to the heart and mind of God."

In Our Stewardship: Managing Our Assets Golv provides encouragement and tools to help a congregation discover its gifts and how they can use those gifts well.

This book provides working tools for congregation leaders who desire to identify and build up the assets needed for mission and ministry.

In Chapter one, the author provides a solid biblical perspective.  He writes, "Biblical stewardship is ot about me first, my giving, my choices, or my faithfulness.  Biblical stewardship is about God's choices, God's abundance, God's gifts, and God's wishes."  

In Chapter two, the book helps you become more aware of how God is active in your congregation.

In chapter three, the focus is on leadership.  The key question is not how we can get a consensus, but "What does God want?"

In Chapter four, attention is given to the stewardship of buildings and  grounds, maintenance, safety, insurance, equipment and financial assets.  

In chapter five, Golv invites the reader to look at the "annual stewardship program" and how it can be "designed to help people live what they believe with the resources they have."

In chapter six, the author assists in helping leaders effectively respond to the program that doesn't go well, the goals not met, etc.  

In Chapter seven, the book gives a criteria to help stewardship leaders make good choices when choosing commercial and denominational stewardship programs.

In Chapter eight, the issue of endowment funds is addressed.

In the back of the book there are a number of helpful tools including:
a planning process, a discussion guide, a three session Bible and a series of checklists.  All of which can be reproduced and used in the congregation without additional cost.

This is a useable workbook. I like its gospel orientation and the very practical resource it provides for leaders.  It is obvious to me that it is written by a pastor who is addresses issues he has personally experienced in the trenches.  

--Reviewed by Jerry Hoffman


John L. Golv is Pastor for Worship and Stewardship at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lindstrom, MN and formerly Stewardship Specialist and Mission Director in the Northeastern Iowa Synod.

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Image credit: © Ignacio García Losa ( via Flickr. Used by permission.

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