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What do you do when at the end of September you are faced with the reality that the income for the year is falling significantly short of the need?

This congregation's Board of Finance chose to share their faith stories, celebrate significant accomplishments of the congregation while asking the people to respond to the need for their generosity.

They communicated this message through "temple talks" and the brochure that follows.

Page 1 Cover Page
(Brochure is 8 1/2 x 14, tri-fold, printed both sides.)
OF 2002


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Those who pledge give 3 times more than those who do not.

We have 381 pledging units out of a potential of 680 units.

Cathy Davenport states:
"My lifetime membership at Good Shepherd has been an amazing journey with the grace of God through the following events and activities: my baptism, children's choirs, Sunday School, confirmation, serving on boards, Altar Guild, and my wedding last year.  As Treasurer, I have learned what an atmosphere a talented staff, the many volunteer hours, and the financial dedication of is members creates.  What we are doing is truly amazing.  I often think of our potential to do even greater, pooling ever more of our resources: time, prayer, and financial gifts.  Jeff and I are enthusiastic about our future at Good Shepherd, raising our family (beginning next spring), and continuing to learn, and be inspired by the Word of our Lord.

Throughout this brochure, you will learn how other board members feel about Good Shepherd with our "Facts of 2002."

*Strong Traditional Services
*Alternative Services
*A multitude of Visual Art
Art discussed in our Sunday School classrooms

Our Seniors, as well as Golden Shepherds, continue to be active with many events--Secret Pals, Rocking Readers, Heritage Sunday, just to name a few.

Page 3

During the last five years, average giving in  December = 13% of the annual budget.

Tim Matyi states:
"Our church community offers us abundant opportunities to work our faith for Christ.  I have become a part of many of these opportunities because the Lord has been gracious tome with a nurturing family while growing up and especially later in life as my Christian beliefs--what and how I live--are shared with my wife and sons.  Strong faith means giving to others as the Lord has taught.  That's a tough choice in today's world.  I have chosen to work my faith at Good Shepherd through teaching Sunday School, serving on boards, assisting minister, LHCB, FMF, Habitat for Humanity, and our family's financial pledge to the work of Good Shepherd.  I find comfort in affirming my faith and belief that God is guiding my life with many blessings and the opportunity to work my faith."

Our Sunday School program has 208 participants.  In 2002, we launched Ready, Click, Grow -- a web-based ministry.

Matt Liddy writes:
"As a member of Good Shepherd my entire life, I have seen all the positive things a good church has to offer--excellent programs for children as well as adults, meaningful worship services, and pastors who care about their parishioners--to name only a few.  I have been blessed to be a part of a congregation that cares about my family and me.  As the newest members of the Board of Finance, I have learned what it takes to make such a wonderful place of worship work the way it does. I am happy to be a part of something that can help my church be a quality place of worship for years to come."

Our youth enjoy many activities, camps, trips, service projects, "Dig Deeper series. There's always a buzz around the church.

Page 4

Ron Hoistad reveals:
"I grew up learning about God from my parents and through the teachings of the Methodist church.  I learned about the Word of God through stones in the Bible, and how we can support Jesus' teachings by how we live our lives. I found myself for a number of years, during college and post college not being an active member of a church.

After marrying and moving to Good Shepherd's neighborhood, my wife Marcia and I went looking for a church where we could renew our faith.  Pastor Paul Monson had recently started at Good Shepherd, and Marcia and I enjoyed our visits and became members within a short time.

Through the years, 1 have been able to be a part of different boards, taught Sunday School, played on a men's basketball team, worked with a number of Habitat houses, and watched my kids learn about Jesus and God the Father.    Good Shepherd has provided my family and me many options to grow our faith and practice the Word of God.  I have also seen how Good Shepherd has branched out to reach and help others I need and must continue to do so.

I applaud the many opportunities to practice God's will that Good Shepherd provides our congregation and community  I will continue to support Good Shepherd as much as possible with my gifts of financial support and time. I hope that others who benefit from the many programs Good Shepherd offers will also continue to meet the financial commitments of our church. I look forward to growing my faith and commitment to God with the help of Good Shepherd and its many members in the years to come."

Property enhancements: newly resurfaced and striped parking lot, new carpet, former office remodeled to be an artwork storage room, a new contractor for better and timelier snow removal.

Page 5

Our benevolence gifts reach 27 groups within, around and far beyond. The benevolence budget equals 15% of our annual budget.

Pat Van Wert writes:
"As a member of the Board of Finance for the last three years, I have had the opportunity to learn about the broad outreach our church provides both members and others in need and the resources required to provide these services.  As a family, including two boys that are now growing to an age where they are more involved in church activities, we have an even more profound understanding of the quality of these programs and a wonderful church facility in which to do so.  We're excited to do our part to support the church from a financial perspective and encourage all members to pledge their faith and support of the church."

Through its response to four Capital Campaigns, the congregation is within sight of erasing long-term debt and ending 'deferred maintenance,' positioning itself to redirect resources to the operating budget for expanded mission and ministry.

                  (Thru September)



Page 6

The "Over Coffee" series averages over 100 attendees each week.

Cindy Horgen remembers:
"Good Shepherd has been a part of my life since I was in about the third grade singing in the youth choir with my older sister and four younger brothers.  I remember Sunday School, Christmas programs, my brothers' basketball tournaments, confirmation, my wedding, my father's funeral, my daughter's baptism and, last fall, her confirmation--and so much more.  The building, the programs and the people of Good Shepherd have always been there for me when I've needed them.  Over the years, I've learned more and more and have grown to appreciate and be proud of just how varied and far-reaching the ministries of Good Shepherd are.  The Word is spread to and the peace share with me and my family, our friends and neighbors and to many, many others in need in our local and global communities as well.  The synergies that result from the pooling of our individual gifts of time and money are truly amazing.  I believe that we are blessed at Good Shepherd by all that we are able to give and to receive."

Adult Ministry continually provides us with speakers who inspire, teach, and stretch our thinking.  Many educational experiences broaden our faith; the Adult Forums, "Word of Life" and "Up For Discussion"

Laura Moret Rooney reflects:
"We chose Good Shepherd because of the strong children's program and the welcoming church community. We have been very happy with the excellent worship services and caring people we have met.  I appreciated learning about the varied programs offered by Good Shepherd as a member of the Board of Finance.  I look forward to growing in my faith and continuing to contribute to Good Shepherd in the future."


Board of Finance, The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Minneapolis, MN.

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Image credit: © Ignacio García Losa ( via Flickr. Used by permission.

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