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I Was Reminded of How Rich I Really Am

This is a reflection on an experience among the poor in Guatemala.

I Was Reminded Of How Rich I Really Am

By most standards I would not be considered a wealthy person.  However, last year while in Guatemala I was reminded just how rich I truly am.  
The poverty I experienced there was more than imaginable- yet the people were so gracious.  

I recall one particular woman at a mass in the outback.  She had dirty clothes, had not bathed for days I imagine, but her dirty image was not what I remember the most.  

During the offering, she dug into her pockets and found a coin.  She placed this coin into the offering, with a grin the size of Minnesota upon her face.  She truly was giving all she had and she enjoyed doing so.  She was pleased because she was answering the call of Jesus in the Gospel this morning.  

There is no doubt, we face hardships financially day in and day out.  Yet, we still are called to live a life filled with sacrifice.  Jesus tells us that our reward will be great- and along the way there will be some hard times, but oh in the end it is all worth it.  This reward is ours, and he challenges us to rethink what we hang onto and what we give.  

Barbara Brown Taylor speaks of this reward quite well.  She says, " You cannot accept God's gift if you have no spare hands to take it with. You cannot make room for it if your rooms are already full.  You cannot follow if you are not free to go."

--Justin Grimm


Justin Grimm is a senior at Luther Seminary who interned at Salem Lutheran Church in North Minneapolis. He hopes to begin his parish ministry in an urban area.

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Image credit: © Ignacio García Losa ( via Flickr. Used by permission.

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