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Socks are Fundamental

Stewardship is fundamental to effective discipleship.

Socks are Fundamental

Any basketball player who was on the UCLA men's team in the late '60s or early '70s would have thought that he had arrived. There was no better team in the country. There was no better coach to play for than John Wooden. They were at the top of the college basketball world. I'm sure the first day of practice was full of anticipation. How would their coach set the tone for the long season to come? What inspiring words would he speak?

The upperclassmen knew what was coming. But first-year players were no doubt surprised by the initial lesson taught by their Hall of Fame coach. The first thing Wooden did every season was to show his players how to put on a pair of socks. He did not teach this lesson only once, but before every game and practice. Putting on socks -- why was this so important?

John Wooden discovered many players didn't properly smooth out wrinkles in the socks around their heels and little toes. If left uncorrected, these wrinkles could cause blisters that could hamper their performance at crucial times during games. Many players thought the practice odd and laughed about it then. Wooden knows some of them still laugh about it today. But the coach would not compromise on this basic fundamental principle: "I stuck to it. I believed in that, and I insisted on it." ESPN

Effective discipleship includes the basic discipline of making good use of the gifts of time, talent and money God gives us. Stewardship is fundamental to effective discipleship.



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