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The Stewardship Companion: Lectionary Resources for Preaching

The focus of this stewardship commentary, based on the Revised Commmon Lectionary (A, B, C), is for any preaching occasion called for by the church's liturgical calendar.  

Below are brief examples of a few sentences of a stewardshp reflection on a lectionary text.

God's Enigmatic Openhandedness
Sunday between September 18 and 24
Matthew 20:1-16 - The Laborers in the Vineyard

"The result of this parable for stewards is that God gives to all God's children as God chooses.  We may not approve of God's heaping divine grace on the "wrong" people.  Nonetheless, the Lord of the universe retains a prerogative to govern creation in the manner he sees fit."

Saying "yes" and Living It
Sunday between September 24 and October 1
Matthew 21:23-32

Our choice, according to Jesus' parable, is to say yes, and fail to go, or to say no, and then repent and go.  A steward's faithful response to God's gracious invitation is to simply say yes and then go.  In faithfulness our yes can be counted on.  In so doing, we stewards serve the master."

The Steward's Robes of Righteousness
Sunday between October 9 and 15
Matthew 22:1-14

"Disciples who aspire to faithful stewardship recognize that when we respond to God's invitation, we do so with a proper bearing.  We do not buy our way into God's realm.  Yet God's gracious invitation obliges our response by more than merely showing up.  The capacities with which God endows us are a robe of integrity that Christ places upon us.  When we arrive at God's banquet, we approach as those ready to share in the festivities, and we offer our lives to serve those for whom Christ died."

What is God's Exactly
Sunday between October 16 and 24
Matthew 22:15-22

"Whether stewards operate in the state realm of voting or paying taxes, and whether stewards function spiritually by praying or sharing bread with others, in all cases we operate within the veil of God's creation.  Thus, because God owns all, we are merely stewards of God's provisions.  To Jesus, there is no God or Caesar.  There is only God."

I encourage you to purchase this stewardship commentary as you become proclaim a gospel message that includes a regular call to respond by being a faithful steward.

--Jerry Hoffman

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David N. Mosser is a senior pastor of First United Methodist Church, Arlington, TX.

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