Empowered to Give

The Strengths of Stewardship

  1. Stewards are freed from an attitude of scarcity to live in the abundance of God.

    Individuals experience the joy of giving as they respond to God's call to live as faithful stewards. Our resource database includes stories about and by people who reflect a "stewardship" spirit.

  2. Effective stewardship leaders are confident, courageous and competent.

    They are the leaders who activate the spiritual vitality of those they serve. There is help here for those who would lead.

  3. Words have power.

    These resources are for communicators who are looking for the right stories, illustrations, quotes and biblical studies. Complete sermons and Bible studies are included.

  4. Congregations have stories to tell.

    Intentional plans have gone well. Unexpected occurrences have transformed practices. Some are learning from their mistakes. Good ideas deserve to be shared.