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Beyond the News: Money

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  • Updated: 06/01/2007
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The video invites people to lay aside the taboo about discussing what we do with money and invites people to do so our decisions about money matters.  

Beyond the News: Money

This 55 minute video divided into 10 segments for use in small groups.    Discussion questions are included in the guide.  Each discussion is divided into four parts:
1. Scripture references.
2. A discussion starter.
3. Discussion question ideas.
4. Quotations for discussion.

The purpose for the video is to lay aside the taboo on discussion money (economic lives are entirely a private matter) and "began talking about our finances with other trusted Christians. . . Our hope is that this video will stretch you to ask yourself and discuss with others how being a follower of Jesus affects the choices you make."

The segments of the video and a quote from the segment:
1. Money -- "You can become obsessed with money. . . It can take over your mind." -- Joan Write

2. To Be Blessed -- "I could never base my idea of God's blessings on material things because it's first of all that God loves us." -- Mary Beth Lind

3. The Call -- "Am I following Jesus or just believing in Christ?  'Cause I can believe and not change a thing.  He never said, come, acknowledge my existence or believe in me, I'm your first class ticket to eternity.  But 87 times he said, follow me. . . " Bryan Sirchio

4. To Be a Steward -- "Stewardship is not about concepts or programs.  It's a journey into the heart of God." - Bryan Sirchio

5. Idolatry/Security - "Idolatry is anything which gives a sense of security, a sense of safety, other than the fact that God loves us." - Gordon Cosby

6. Wealth/Enough is -- "Wealth is America's No. 1 addiction." - Don McClanen

7. Production/Consumption - "There are two ways to be rich.  One is to have a lot of things.  The other is to have few needs." - Mary Beth Lind

8. Poverty -- "It's out of our broken hearts that we reach out to others and it's in reaching out to others in pain that we ourselves are made whole." -- Killian Noe

9. First Fruits/Giving - "I believe in giving God his 10 percent.  That's his; it's not ours.  I don't risk his money.  I don't invest him money.  That's God's money. - Joan Wright

10. Teaching Children - The parental role is of utmost importance in helping children to understand and to shape those very early ideas about money." - Dorothy Shank

The video is a series of vignettes of people who consciously have considered economics, money and possessions to be a matter of discipleship.  Faith and money are integrated.  They are desire to make choices as ones who follow Jesus in every aspect of their lives. They give testimony to their belief and evidence of how this has influenced their choices in life.  As a result, the participants are counter-cultural, live simple life styles and give evidence of generosity and kindness.

The appropriate audience is adults.  The pace is deliberate and thoughtful. The presentations are personal reflections about money matters.  

In addition to being used as a starter for a small group discussion about money, I could see using it as a video clip during a sermon or a presentation that seeks to connect money, faith and discipleship.

--Jerry Hoffman  

To purchase the video in VHS or DVD format, go to MennoSource

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