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Visions of Giving

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  • Updated: 05/24/2008

Visions of Giving invites you to explore some questions about traditions of giving in America.

In our study of American visions of giving, we have noticed three questions that have persisted over the last two centuries. These questions, in turn, have prompted us to add our own questions.

1. Do the familiar "rules" of giving have any claim upon us?

 Why is tithing so popular as an image of the "good" giver?

 But what is my "fair share?"

 "Give all you can?" How much is "all?"

 Is there a rule of giving that fits most circumstances?

2. What do we see in the future coming toward us?

  And how does that image shape our giving?

  Now is the time?

  What would be a sign of true progress in giving?

3. How do we understand the struggles over giving within us?

  Any escape from money anxiety?

 Is money "virtuous?"

 So what is the root of our problem? Materialism? Greed? Etc.?

 The "glow of benevolence" - a temptation for good givers?

 Giving - a "private" affair?

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